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Looking fro new friends in London

Author Looking fro new friends in London
johoho, 47
Posts: 6
Posted: 9/10/2009 03:27
Not sure how many of you guys are here in the UK, but if any, just drop us a line - would love to hear from you!
And do not be hard on the newcomers - we are very new to the site...
Ego to learn though!

Привет всем! Пишите, если вы в UK - Будем рады новым друзьям!

Sveiki givi .Mes labai noretum susirasti geru draugu cia. (Special friends...)
Unknown Unknown
Posted: 2/01/2010 05:49
esu londone ir ieskau su kuo pabendrauti.
Unknown Unknown
Posted: 12/02/2010 17:24

JĖGA!!! :-)